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Swathing canola has always been a hassle. To do the job properly requires an expensive machine that is used for a few days a year. The Canola Council of Canada suggests that the window to properly swath a crop is only 1-3 days.Even the best swathers have a problem doing a good job in tangled crops. This results in beaver houses which the swather operator has to stop and spread out or the combine driver has to fight to get through. These slow curing wads also stay green a long time after the rest of the field is ready to combine.

To say that swathing canola is a big problem would be an understatement. With the Yield Sheld growers can now comfortably PUSH the crop any time between flower drop and 15% color change (about a 2 week window) with the new YIELD SHIELD. This means 1 YIELD SHIELD can cover at least as many acres as 2 swathers.