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XV Booms Sprayers

Easy to see, Easy to control

  • Nozzle monitor conveniently in front of operator
  • Shielding allows for operation in up to 25 mph winds for more time in the field. You can now apply product when it is needed not just when the wind permits.
  • Increases accuracy in application so you save on product and have a more profitable operation.
  • Most common model is the 90-70.
  • Uses Combo-Jet Nozzle.
  • Has full breakaway inner, outer and tips for added boom protection.

Ag Shield Application System

Only with AG SHIELD do you spray all the weeds...even those that are hiding down below.


A) The strong front panel acts as a "push bar" to open the canopy for the spray.

B) Ag Shield's aerodynamic design creates a swirl pattern in the spray. You get thorough coverage.

C) The flexible rear panel stays just above your crop. No chemical rub off. No dirt rub on. Keeps dust out.

D) Ribs direct air flow over the shields and down, so no vacuum forms behind the sprayer.

  • With the use of the Shield, you can:
  • Prevent drift of crop care products during application.
  • Prevent drift of crop care products during application.
  • Achieve superior coverage of applied products. Better results!
  • Apply chemicals at the best time - no waiting until the wind permits.
  • Increase accuracy in application and operate with the same conditions in the spray chamber every day.
  • Desiccate tall crops, apply fungicide, etc.
  • Save on products.
  • Have a more profitable operation!

Custom Sprayer


Expensive equipment sitting in the yard?