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ATV Sprayer

Tired of waiting for the breeze to die down so you can get your weeds under control? Ag Shield has the answer. Our ATV sprayers are built to let you spray when you want.

With Ag Shield's solid Shields (proven for 23 years on commercial sprayers) drift becomes much less of a concern. Now you can spray where you want to, when you want to! If you have specific days when you must spray now you can. Ag Shield has built a reasonably priced, full featured sprayer that will get your job done right. With our unique boom hinge design you can spray uneven ground or ditches. With the large end wheel, high speed operation is possible even on rougher ground.

ATV Sprayer Benefits

Keep Your harvest Under Control!

  • Easy to transport fits standard pickup box
  • Available with front or rear tank. Front tank improves balance for loading on ramps.
  • Easy to fold available as 5, 10 or 15 ft.
  • Hinged boom design follows contours closely still protects spray pattern and other vegetation
  • Hand wand (30 feet of hose included)
  • Sections are individually controlled with a panel that is easy to see, and even easier to operate. Quality parts are used you won t have to fix this unit every time you want to spray. Pressure gauge gives an accurate applications.
  • Controls on left hand side for easy access
  • Complete controls mount on left hand side for easy access.
  • Whether you work on acreages, oil leases or golf courses, Ag Shield has a reasonably priced, quality sprayer with the best drift control available.
  • The unit folds easily and locks for transport. You can put it on a trailer or in the back of a pickup for longer moves.
  • Models are also available for Gators , other utility vehicles, and mower mounts for most common brands.