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Benefits of Spraying

ROAD SURFACE: Built up Roads

- No sod on road surface

o   Reclaim clean gravel without sod from road side allowing the grader to redistribute gravel over the road surface

o   Eliminates dangerous sod rolls on the roadside

o   No need to cut sod from the road side that creates secondary ditches

o   Water drains evenly & quickly without erosion

- Recover last year’s gravel and pay for less this year


ROAD SURFACE:  Grade Level Roads

- The cost to maintain grade level or secondary roads is greatly reduced

o   No need for an expensive grader pass to control vegetation

o   Spraying doesn’t lower the road elevation

o   Don’t add new road edge sod rolls, spray and spread the old sod rolls



 - Safer roads with better visibility of animals entering the roadway

o   Stop the spread and seed production from (noxious) weeds

- Eliminate weed multiplication areas along road sides

o   Season long vegetation control for half the cost of 1 late season mower pass



- Safer roads with better visibility of oncoming traffic and road signs

o   Open driver sight lines all the way to the roadway edge

o   Eliminate brush regrowth in front of signs

- Reduce maintenance costs

o   Spray trees before expensive brush mowers are required

o   Winter plowing

o   Spray stumps after mowing and stop fast regrowth