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Multi Trailer Benefits

From Flat Deck Trailer to Quick Dump Bale Trailer in moments!

  • With the patented MultiTrailer technology one trailer can do the job of two or more!!
  • Can be used as a flat deck equipment trailer.
  • Or as a quick dump bale trailer for round bales.
  • Or a flat deck for all square bales, vehicles, and more

Get the most bang for your buck

  • One trailer does the work of two
  • Saves money on equipment and maintenance
  • The MultiTrailer is the most efficient tool you can buy if you make hay.

    How it Works

    • With the new MultiTrailer, simply load the tractor on the flat deck and tow it out.
    • When you hit the field, unload the tractor, raise the deck racks and side rails, and start loading.
    • At the yard, release the safety locks and hit the hydraulic lever. The bales from one side unload into a neat row, then turn around and dump the other side into the same row. And you’re off for the next load, 300 bales moved per day.
    • At the end of the day, drop the deck to flat, pull out the ramps, reload the tractor, and  take it home in time for chores.
    • Haul high clearance sprayers with optional black attachment.