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We put our LandRoller to the extreme test for science and for fun!

Please Note: Ag Shield does not condone the use of their Land Rollers for any purpose other than their intended agricultural use.  The following video is was filmed in a controlled environment and should not replicated in any way with your equipment.


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One Person Bale Hauling System

  • Crush every other inch of the stem FLAT
  • Replace Your Rake
  • The 3 Point Hitch Pivoting Body can combine up to two  18ft cuts into one 36ft swather for larger balers! 


  • Harvest lodged crop in any direction at full speed
  • Full length Cross Augers fit all makes and models
  • Exclusive stripper/deflector bar prevents crop from wrapping


  • Dump one side at a time - No re-stacking in the bale yard
  • Handle bales only once before feeding
  • 3 Trailers in One!