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More Exclusive Features and Configurations than Any Other Land Roller on the Market

No other Land Rollers can:

-  Level animal mounds in CRP & seed direct without working the ground

-  Level animal mounds & smash down stones in one pass over hay fields

-  Add seed when leveling pastures and hay fields

-  Seed and firm new stands of forage in one combined pass

Industry Exclusive Leveling Blade:

·        Cut, Spread and Level animal mounds in hay fields, pasture and CRP land

·        Level and Seed at the same time

·        Blades available in widths of 11 to 52ft

·        Blades are “Hard Faced”  to keep a sharp cutting edge year after year

·        Blade rolls on adjustable gauge wheels for consistent leveling

·        Blade hydraulically lifts to dump stones and roll bean and pea fields

·        Our ideal blade and Land Roller combination  doesn’t leave stones and sod lumps on the surface

Seed and Roll at The Same Time:

·        Seed cover crops to prevent soil erosion and increase water penetration into soil

·        Seed and firm new stands of forage in one combined pass

·        High capacity grass seeder, 52ft wide will seed 40 plus acres per hour at 10 mph

·        Lower cost per foot than traditional seeding systems

PowerFold - Open The Machine Without Driving!


PowerFold (patent pending) option eliminates backing up or driving forward to get into field position—perfect for hooking behind your seeding train to eliminate a pass. Roll as you seed so it’s done on time. Saves fuel, time, and labour.

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