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Land Roller Standard Features

Built like you expect from AG SHIELD!

  • 1,3,5 Section 11 to 70ft Widths
  • Industry exclusive full length diagonal pull arm eliminates most frame stress
  • 4-way floating heavy duty knuckles with 1 3/4" pins let sections float evenly on rolling ground
  • Floating hitch improves ground following and reduces stresses on frame - less pounding on drawbar
  • Bolt on cover crop killing option can be removed for standard rolling
  • Highway rated wheels and tires permit fast transport - ideal for shared or rental units
  • Tough latches with replaceable rollers permit higher field speeds
  • Heavy duty # 213 ductile bearings (larger than most) with 2.5 inch replaceable shafts keep you rolling
  • All transport safety locks are self stowing in field position - always there when you're ready to move
  • Standard reflectors and optional lights for safer transport day or night
  • Optional acre counter includes a steel protective shroud
  • Water tight drums to add extra weight are available on special order from the factory


Optional Equipment Available:

PowerFold - Open The Machine Without Driving!


PowerFold (patent pending) option eliminates backing up or driving forward to get into field position—perfect for hooking behind your seeding train to eliminate a pass. Roll as you seed so it’s done on time. Saves fuel, time, and labour.

Water Fill Feature

For tough jobs where extra down force is required water tight drums are available. Ag Shield supplies a 2” & a 3” fill and drain quick attach as well as a 2” vent 180 degrees away. Drain a 17 ft drum in less than 5 minutes without a pump.


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