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GFS Benefits

Benefits of using the new GFS

  • Boom automatically follows ground contours at 32/kmh (20/mph).
  • More accurate spraying-Fewer misses and overlaps
  • Reduced spray drift-Reduced liability from neighbors claims
  • Operator needs only to drive-More accurate application, less operator fatigue.
  • Allows wider booms in uneven fields-More acres an hour with fewer wheel tracks.
  • As a result you have an increased net income.

Benefits of using the new GFS

gfs1 Simple ATV wheel "FEELS" the ground to signal the hydraulics as to proper cylinder stroke. Usually less then 100 lbs. on the ATV whe
  • Using normal boom controls you can shut off the GFS on one side while leaving the other operate. Use the master switch to shut off for folding and road travel. When an obstacle is encountered, use the normal "Up" boom switch to temporarily turn off the GFS on one wing while leaving the other wing operating. Then tap the "Down" switch to return to GFS mode
  • A simple hydraulic-mechanical device with less sensitive components for less down time and repair expense.
  • Adds only one small switch box to your cab.
  • Fast and easy install on any Ag Shield boom and most other models, inquire about your model today.