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Cross Auger Benefits

Now you can use your draper header for all your crops!

  • The cross auger spans the whole length of the draper header to drag material in.
  • Prevents bunching and catching in crops such as peas, canola, and mustard so you save time and prevent yield loss.
  • Even really fluffy material is pulled in.
  • No more lumps surging through the combine, overstressing drives and overloading sieves.

Available for all makes and models of draper headers

  • Available for MacDon, John Deere, Honey Bee, Massey Ferguson and Midwest Headers.
  • 25', 30', 35'-36', 40' and 45' Complete Kits in booth Rigid and Flex models.

Ag Shield's cross auger will work with your draper header

  • As with all Ag Shield products the cross augers are built for long trouble free service with short cuts taken.
  • The augers themselves are constructed with heavy gauge material that prevent damage from jamming or obstacles.
  • The use of heavy duty self aligning ball bearings and double chain couplers ensure smooth operation and proper of alignment of the augers at all times.
  • Installing Ag Shield cross auger kits are a breeze. The only real decision is deciding whether to tap into the canvas or reel hydraulic circuit to power it up.