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ATV Sprayer Benefits

Keep Your harvest Under Control!

  • Easy to transport fits standard pickup box
  • Available with front or rear tank. Front tank improves balance for loading on ramps.
  • Easy to fold available as 5, 10 or 15 ft.
  • Hinged boom design follows contours closely still protects spray pattern and other vegetation
  • Hand wand (30 feet of hose included)
  • Sections are individually controlled with a panel that is easy to see, and even easier to operate. Quality parts are used you won t have to fix this unit every time you want to spray. Pressure gauge gives an accurate applications.
  • Controls on left hand side for easy access
  • Complete controls mount on left hand side for easy access.
  • Whether you work on acreages, oil leases or golf courses, Ag Shield has a reasonably priced, quality sprayer with the best drift control available.
  • The unit folds easily and locks for transport. You can put it on a trailer or in the back of a pickup for longer moves.
  • Models are also available for Gators , other utility vehicles, and mower mounts for most common brands.